Super 16!

My how time flies when you’re juggling juice boxes, crayola crayons and car keys! How did my firstborn go from pull-ups to Driver’s Ed, in the blink of an eye? One day I’m anticipating the moment I see my little guy for the first time then “POOF” he’s asking to take his girlfriend to the movies on saturday night. Now granted I still have 6 other “babies” to smother ( my 15-year-old step-son is too old for hugs now too) but there is always something special about your first-born. They are the ones who initiated you into the World of Motherhood. The ones that you learned thru trial and error what being a parent was really about. All their siblings were a piece of cake since this little soul gave you the confidence to try parenting for a second then third time! They were also the first ones to show you what true love really meant and the term unconditional love. They turned you into Super Mom when you rescued their favorite lovey from falling out the car window on the way to Grandma’s or help stitch up their heart when it got broken by their first crush. Everyday I can take a breath and relive those many moments  I shared with my son and each time I smile and chuckle. Even at the times he drew on the walls, terrorized his little brothers or threw a tantrum in the grocery store. So now when he says he’s driving to the mall I’ll do my best to let go and realize that he’s still showing me how to be a parent and trust that all we’ve experienced together will be with him when I’m not there.  Happy Super 16th Birthday to my son Julien! Mommy adores you!!


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