Sugar & Spice is oh so nice….

I’ve been blessed in my life to give birth to 3 beautiful boys. All born within 2 1/2 years of each other and wonderfully rambunctious! I came to terms with the fact that I would be the only female in my family of 5. Football, Legos and grass stains on knees would be my life with my boys. Some years later, the family dynamics would change  {divorce} and I would later meet my current husband who had 4 sons. We were content with our blended family of 7 boys but G-d had other plans.

 4 years ago today, we were given a gift of  a daughter. Olivia was born into a family of loving and supportive young men and a devoted father. How our lives have changed. Pink has now entered the color palette and tea parties with WWE  Superstar action figures has taken over the dinner table. This little beauty has taught her brothers patience, tenderness and a different spectrum of imagination. She has given me another childhood, seen with a girl’s point of view just as  I saw it many years ago.

She’s a companion {she loves to window shop & visit our local Starbucks}, a baking buddy {cupcakes are a dessert staple} and an independent soul who I cherish to the moon and back! So, on this day, I take a moment to whisper to G-d and say Thank you!  He blessed me again and still finds me worthy of a child’s love.

Happy 4th Birthday to my precious Olivia!


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