Happy Birthday Caden!

Today my little nephew turns 2! What a blessing this little boy has been.
His story started long ago…
My sister and I, only two years apart, grew up with completely different dreams! I was to lead a glamorous single life of fashion and social parties in the big city of New York, she was to marry early and settle down on a big farm with lots of kids! Well we each went in opposite directions. I married at 24 and had 3 kids by 33 (another baby 6 years later). She went to college and traveled the world. We often joked about how different our lives turned out and I would tease about longing for a niece or nephew. In reality, she longed for a baby too. G-d has plans for us all and He lets things happen when He feels we are ready and 2 yrs ago He did just that! Caden Joseph was born to a mommy who dreamed of him her whole life. Since she was a little girl. A little boy who is treasured and loved by his entire family and by an Auntie who is thankful he is finally here! Even though we live across the country from each other, I cherish my little nephew and my sister! Dreams do come true! Happy 2nd Birthday Caden!


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