Rosh Hashanah 5772 Jewish New Year!

I’m taking this time to wish everyone who celebrates a  Shana Tova ! I’ll be ushering in the New Year with half my family here in Florida. My husband (who is Christian) is very supportive and loves to learn more about my religion, just as I learn about his. Together we raise our daughter with both Jewish and Christian customs and holidays. My 3 boys were born Jewish and grew up within a strong religious community. I’m so proud of all my children. As my boys celebrate with their father back home, I will be lighting candles and be thankful for their happiness and good health. I’m also thankful for a loving husband who accepts me as I am and embraces it. The world is so much more wonderful when different cultures can share and celebrate life together! L’Chaim!!

Special meanings and customs:

Round challah (with raisins) to represent the yearly cycle and time without beginning or end.

Apples & Honey to bring forth a sweet,delicious new year.

other sweet foods are eaten like honey cake and pomegranate


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