Holidays 2011 and Happy New Year 2012!!

This holiday season was a special time for me. I had all of my children together and we spent it at my parents home then later at my in laws home. Waking up to a house full of kids is really a blessing. I hope my home will never be empty of children’s laughter or even bickering! LOL! gotta take the good and the bad! We spent Hanukkah and Christmas in Las Vegas, visiting my parents and sister. My little nephew has grown so much. We made cookies and tamales and shared many laughs. My mom entertained the kids with her ghost stories (they wanted to hear!) and my oldest had a golf day with Grandpa and my husband. The week went by quickly and we are already planning our summer trip back.

New Year’s was spent with my second family at my Mother in law’s home. Every NY Day she makes her famous Gumbo & Black Eye Peas (for luck). We cherished the time with her and my Father in law (who is battling Alzheimer’s) and spent our week relaxing, watching movies and of course, eating! Hubby and I got a night out and attended a PPV UFC fight at the local sports bar.

Now it’s time to go back to our daily grind and duties but I’m forever thankful we were able to make memories with our loved ones and spend time together. Those are the things that don’t come wrapped in a box and are treasured more than rubies!

Happy 2012 everyone!!









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