Happy Birthday Ethan!

On January 22, 2001, I welcomed my youngest son into the world! He was my ‘miracle‘ baby. Miracle because I was told by my doctor that I would not have anymore children and at 32 years old that was devastating news. I would not let it settle in though and I urged the doctor to help me conceive with the latest medicines. My husband and I embarked on a 4 month whirlwind of fertility shots and each month was a let down. Finally we just decided to let nature take its course and leave it in G-d’s hands. Well truth be told the Doctor misdiagnosed me and we conceived in the 5th month. I didn’t even know I was pregnant till I was 6 1/2 months along (another misdiagnosement from the Doctor) but believe me I was over the moon!! So in January, my little Dragon baby arrived and was welcomed home by his two older brothers! Ethan was named for his strength and Nissim for him being a miracle. Now 11 years later, our family has changed a bit but my love and gratefulness of him have only deepened. I love watching my little boy grow into the smart, caring, daredevil of mischief young man that he is. His smile brightens up my heart and his determination fills my soul with pride. I love you Ethan with all my being! Happy 11th Birthday!




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