Valentines with my sweets

I love Valentines Day. I spend the day baking cupcakes, cookies & cake pops! It is another special holiday to show my family how much I love them.
When my sons were little, we spent the day baking cookies, picnicking at the park and eating candy with their friends till they fell asleep from the sugar rush!
My little boys are older now and the day means something different for them. They have girlfriends or crushes & chocolates kisses from them is way cooler than getting them from Mom. They still enjoy the sweets I bake but my partner in the kitchen is my lovely 4 year old daughter. She enjoys baking with mommy & decorating the house with red hearts & leaving “I love you” cards on her brothers’ and daddy’s pillow.
I look at her and sometimes wish her brothers were still as small. They grow up so fast.
Even though we show our families we love them everyday, Valentine’s Day just gives us an excuse to go over the top! Drop that little love note in their lunchbox or leave a Hershey’s Kiss on their pillowcase, your family will be reminded how much they mean to you!!





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