Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Each year, on March 2, we celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday with the national Read Across America campaign! It’s a wonderful way to honor a great children’s author & introduce your young ones to reading.
I fell in love again with Dr. Seuss when my first child was born 16 years ago. His favorite book was The Foot Book and I must have
read it a million times. He memorized the words to each page and was able to read it to me by age 3. I was the proudest mother on the planet. Dr. Seuss’s books made it fun to read & create crafts with my kids. How many parents made “Green eggs and Ham” or used Goldfish crackers to count out “One Fish, Two Fish”?
Now my 3 boys are older and on to reading teen novels, comic books & literature. I thank Dr. Seuss for that!
My youngest child has just turned 4 and again I have the honor of reading to her all the favorite stories of her brothers and seeing which ones she’ll memorize by heart.
I must remember that even though I’ve read all the books and took the boys to many story times, this is her first experience. I want to make sure she enjoys the world of reading and all the adventures she’ll have in Seussville!!
So today we visited our local Target store and participated in their Birthday Celebration. It was wonderful watching her listen eagerly to the stories and meet other families who came to share their love of Dr. Seuss.
Thank you Target and all the other bookstores, libraries, coffee shops who held little events to bring our children together & keep the love of reading fun!




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