Preschool: the Fourth Time Around

Wow! Here I am, 13 years after my firstborn started preschool, looking to enroll my youngest child. I honestly thought I was done with the play doh sessions, finger paints and weekly PTA meetings but I am not. Honestly I’m actually looking forward to it. My daughter was born when I turned 39 and after the initial shock (I was planning on jump starting my career) I was excited to get a fourth chance at babyhood. Time and kids have a way of erasing your memory so those early days of toddlerhood for my sons seem to have vanished and I can only recollect a few “postcards” in my brain storage.

Fast forward 4 years and I’m on the hunt for the “perfect unstructured” preschool. Since moving across country, I didn’t have the luxury of placing her in the same preschool my boys attended. We had the best time at our little Jewish school. Some of their closest friends are the ones they made there. Here, in Florida, I would have to start from zero and begin as a first time mom. I’m asking any parent that I meet “what is a good preschool that you would recommend?” “where did your child go”? I do have my heart set on one place but to my heartbreak I found out they are booked (the good ones always are) but I can place her on their “wait list”. Well Lottery wins do happen? I can pray about it, right?

So my search continues and I’ll line up a few options. I have until August to get it in place. Now this old mom will be hustling at the school fundraisers, making treats for the Parent meetings and hosting a slew of playdate parties! Oh Yeah!!!!!

This is my last chance to cherish toddlerhood. Next year, she will be off to Kindergarten and like her brothers, off to college in no time at all.

Do you have any tips on finding the right preschool for your family? Let me know!! I’ll list it on a future blog!



One thought on “Preschool: the Fourth Time Around

  1. Oh my baby niece is at the age already. 😦 It’s so exciting to watch her grown and I cannot wait to see everything she comes home to share from preschool. My little one isn’t far off from starting too, I can wait though, this time is too precious to rush! I am so proud of ALL the boys and our one lil princess.

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