Happy Passover!

Tonight begins the 7 day celebration of Passover. It’s a Jewish holiday commemorating G-d sparing the Jews when He killed the first-born of Egypt and liberating the Israelites from slavery. The Exodus from Egypt is remembered with The Feast of the Unleavened Bread. (you can read more about it here chabad.org )

My 3 sons will be celebrating with their Dad in CA, while my daughter and I will have our own observance here in Florida. Well, it will be mostly me, since she is only 4 and doesn’t fully understand why she can’t eat pancakes or bread. My husband and step-son are Christian and will observe Easter which falls during the same week this year. I prepare the house as best I can and will cook meals for them and a special one for me. It’s important to show your family (especially inter-faith) that what ever your religion is you can celebrate it without having to make them feel that they HAVE to do the same as you. I don’t expect my husband to eat matzoh for a whole week but if he wanted to I would share the box!!

Since our daughter is both Jewish and Christian, I teach her Judaism and my mother in law teaches her about Christianity. It may be a bit confusing at times, but I feel she’ll be more tolerant when she’s older and she’ll have an understanding of both. She can later decide which one suits her.( I wish I had a better understanding of other religions when I was younger. I felt very naive and close minded about the world.)

As you prepare for Passover or Easter this weekend, remember its all about family, traditions and most of all fun! Make joyous memories that your children will cherish. Whether it’s hiding the Afikomen or colored eggs in the yard, family love will make it a beautiful celebration!

Chag Sameach!!


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