Caden and the Easter Duck

My sweet nephew Caden celebrated his first memorable Easter yesterday. He’s 2 1/2, so this is the first he’ll remember. Grandma and Grandpa decorated eggs with him and gifted him with a basket full of goodies to collect them in. That afternoon, he went on his official hunt in Grandma’s backyard.

Of course, being the curious boy that he is, he felt that these eggs that are similar in shape to bouncy balls would do the same…Bounce. So as he threw them across the yard, he was disappointed that they didn’t bounce back! LOL! My sister showed him that they don’t bounce but they do crack. When he noticed her peeling apart the shell, he announced that he wanted to see the ‘duck’ hatch from the egg! Oh the fun things that little kids say!! Once she showed him that no duck would come out but instead a cooked egg, he took a lick then decided that these were not as fun anymore! HA!

I wish our families could have been together to celebrate this holiday. We always talk about next year and hope that we do. But I’m happy just hearing of the memories my nephew is making and how much joy he brings my sister everyday!






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