Mommy Calling Cards

I’ve been reading a lot about this new way of introducing yourself to other parents who want to meet up for child playdates. “Mommy Calling Cards”. Funny thing is the custom has been around for a hundred years but just recently came back into fashion. Remember a time when you wanted to introduce yourself, you left a card with your name and address? Well maybe you don’t remember, it was in the early 1900’s after all. But I love the way I can leave my info quickly and not scribble down on a piece of torn paper or try to type it in my phone while my daughter is screaming that she’s ready to go! These cards make it fun & easier to remember the new family’s info.
I searched the web and found a great site that catered to the mommy cards and other fantastic paper goods. A Touch of Whimsy and they did an amazing job. I adore them! Customer service was great and it arrived in less than 10 days. Take a look at their cute designs and if you have your own mommy card, I would love to see it!
Now if I can only get my husband to carry one! LOL!
Thanks and Enjoy!!



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