Stormtroopers, Rebel Fighters and 2 little Bookworms!

Today we had the opportunity to participate in the First Annual Star Wars Reads Day! Anything to do with my beloved childhood franchise I try not to miss. What a treat to share this with my 5 year old daughter and meet a Stormtrooper up close. She never needs a special event to entice her to visit a bookstore or library but this just made it even better. Olivia was so happy to be there and was especially excited when her school buddy Liam showed up too! I live for moments like these when their enthusiasm over books and learning is considered fun.
After taking pictures and meeting the characters, we spent the next hour browsing the kids section of the store. Olivia and Liam showed each other their favorite stories and realized they liked a lot of the same ones. We picked up a couple new books to read at home and some to send to my boys back in CA.
I look forward to next year when I can really plan a party to center around the SWRD Event and bring along my nephew too! Until then….
May The Force Be With You!







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