Legoland Florida 9/2012

We finally got the chance to spend the day at Legoland, FL. We had originally planned to go for Olivia’s birthday but we were rained out and had to put it off till the skies cleared. We had a great time viewing the amazing Lego sculptures and the rides were perfect for kids under 10. Our teen boys wanted the real speedy roller coasters and scary rides. I think Universal Studios or Busch Gardens is a better pick for the older kids.
My personal favorite is the Star Wars area with great Lego sculpts of Darth Vader, R2D2 and Darth Maul. They’ll have a whole new wing installed in the park by the end of the year.
We did a lot of walking, so we rested our feet and cooled off in one of their buffet style restaurants. All in all we had a blast and returned home with happy memories and big smiles! I’m glad we got the opportunity to share a family day together!









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