Birthday Photo session

What a blessing to find a great family photographer! Some one who makes your little ones comfortable in front of the camera so their best smiles and laughs are captured on film. We found that with Marissa Moss!
I wanted to have portraits taken of Olivia for her 5th birthday. Every year I tell myself to book a session and every year I forget. I’ll be honest, I forget to schedule “well checks” in the right months let alone a photo session! But this time I DID IT!
Olivia did have the jitters when we first started the shoot but Marissa kept talking to her and gained Olivia’s trust by telling her that it will be fun and quick! (Ok, I did help a bit by promising an ice cream date when she was done. Don’t judge me!!! It was healthy yogurt!)
All in all, I’m so ecstatic over the final photos and very grateful that we have these special memories of our baby girl when she was a toddler!
Check out Marissa’s website and blog and book your family portraits soon! They’ll make wonderful Holiday Cards!

Marissa Moss Photography



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