Happy 12th Birthday to my darling Ethan!

Another year has passed and my youngest son is turning 12 today! What a wonderful year it’s been. Last year I talked about his birth and what I went thru to bring him into the world, now I can talk about what he’s done for me. His love and personality have made me one proud mommy! Ethan has a smile that lights up any room! I’d move planets for his smile and for his adoring hugs. My son has overcome many challenges and keeps such a positive and loving attitude. His vivacious spirit and competitive soul keep him motivated to keep up with his older brothers.
I love that he enjoys reading and building skyscrapers with his Legos, plays a mean game of Kinect bowling and is always up for a trip to Krispy Kreme. I cherish that he still calls me “mommy” and loves to cuddle on the couch during a favorite TV show. I thank G-d everyday that he blessed me with him and that I still have 6 more years to “coddle” him till he leaves me for college. This year will be filled with hard work ( starting Jr. High and Bar Mitzvah next year) but I know that my Ethan will be able to accomplish it with determination and with a smile on his face!
I love you so dearly, my darling Ethan, and so happy to wish you a very merry Birthday!
-love Mommy❤




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