Tribute to my Grandma Becky

On Friday, April 19, 2013, my beautiful Grandma Becky passed away. She was 88 years old and still young in my eyes. She passed away in a nursing home that cared for her for over a year after succumbing to ill health and unable to walk or care for herself. She was ready to go, she was an independent woman that was used to doing things herself, her own way and on her own time.
I have fond memories of my grandmother. When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I loved watching my grandmother apply her makeup. She would let me sit with her in the bathroom as she slipped on her lipstick & shape her eyebrows. I was so enthralled then. She was always beautiful to me with or without makeup, but she always showed a bit more confidence when she dolled herself up. That’s probably how I came to love makeup & later become a makeup artist.
Whenever my sister and I visited her, she took us to the mall to window shop & get ice cream. You know little girls always enjoy the mall. Grandma loved to cook too, she enjoyed showing us how to make homemade tortillas and enchiladas and when she was in the kitchen with her mom, my great grandma, it was even better. Love was always in there and you felt it!
But my fondest memories are just of her smiling and the way she greeted us every time we saw each other. Open arms and love in her eyes. I will miss having her to talk to. She was never judge mental to the choices I made in my life. She loved me unconditionally. Especially since my own mother has been the opposite. My grandmother is someone who I hope to be like as I have my own grand kids. If I am, then I know I’ve made her happy and my grand kids will remember me with as much love & wonderful memories.
I love you Grandma! May the Angels rejoice and be glad that you are with them now!





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