Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Our second “Farewell to Florida” trip was spent at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! We’re counting down the weeks to our move back to CA and wanted to make sure we visited all the Amusement Parks before we left.
Sunday was Mother’s Day and Disney is no exception in making sure Moms are celebrated. I was given a beautiful flower upon entering the park and greeted by a sweet cast member who wished me a great day.
We initially planned to visit Epcot but we felt Hollywood Studios had more attractions for the kids. We were right! Our first stop was the menacing Hollywood Tower Hotel. I asked the hubby and boys to try it out first before having our 5 year old on the ride. They came back saying it wasn’t that scary, what a big fib! LOL! Poor Olivia was NOT happy about that ride!
After a break with Dad & ice cream to calm her tummy, Olivia was ready to face the rest of the rides! Hubby & I took turns taking the boys on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster then The Great Movie Ride but the best part was Star Tours which we rode about 4 times! Olivia loved that one!!
Pixar Studios was a perfect place to see Woody and Buzz & Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular had fun explosions with awesome movie stunts.
While the boys headed to The Tower one last time, Olivia and I caught the Beauty and the Beast -Live on Stage show. It was worth the wait in the heat!
Time flew by and after 9 hours at the park we were ready to head home. After a stop at Best Friends Pet Care to pick up Penelope from doggy day care we headed home and planned our final adventure! I think next stop is Magic Kingdom again !






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