We’re Going Back to Cali, Cali

It’s July 1st and I can take a deep breath of relief! We made it to California! June had been a challenging month, moving a family of 5 (and a dog) from Florida to Nor Cal had it’s many obstacles.
Our awesome home movers arrived the day before we flew out to load our belongings & ship them to our new home. Up until the week before, we still didn’t have one! YIKES!! After clearing out our 2 bedroom apartment, we “vacationed” on the bare floor till our flight left the next day! I told the kids it would be an adventure! LOL!!
Our one way flight was a welcomed friend that took us to our dream home! For 5 years, I was dreaming of one day living in this new community, full of family oriented parks & newly built schools. Our rental home is a beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath “castle”! The amount of room my family has is amazing. I’m thankful for this opportunity to have our kids grow up in a nurturing environment & have room to think & be themselves. Our apartment was cozy but with teenagers it got to be a bit TOO cozy! They needed their own space.
Our pup Penelope loves the new backyard and the change in weather! We can actually take long walks in the evening. She still loves to sleep under the couch,even though she has a whole first floor to spread out in.
As for hubby and I, we count our lucky stars to be back home in the Bay Area. Closer to our family & our boys. We’ve missed them so much!
So now our happy adventure begins, a summer of outdoor games, water balloon fights & late night board game sessions. Sleepovers and monster breakfasts, online video battles with friends across the states and hugs everyday because I’m so happy to have them near.
Thank you Florida for the last 3 years but my heart belonged to CA!




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