Kindergarten Chronicles 2013

August 2013, the year our last little baby enters elementary school. I knew this day would come and I tried my best to prepare for it. My little side kick would soon be gone, playing with her friends, admiring her teachers and learning how to be even more independent. I will miss the days when we would lounge around and have tea parties, watch Dora & Diego and just do whatever came to mind.
Now, each morning, she gets up with her older brother and dresses herself. She brushes her teeth and makes her bed, prancing and singing around the house because she’s so happy to go to school.
I guess I may like having a bit of free time to myself for girlfriend lunchdates, morning exercises, and date time with hubby when he’s home! There’s some positive notes!
Best of all is hearing her tell me all about her day and sharing the pictures or projects she made in class. Meeting the friends she made and how I “have to meet their parents so she can have a playdate”.
My husband says I seem to enjoy this more than her and I probably do. I just want to cherish each one of these school years with her because soon, like her oldest brother Julien, she’ll be off to college and I’ll really be heartbroken. Until then I will be that mommy who comes in every week to help out in the classroom and organize class parties. This is to me The Best Years of Our Lives!!






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