Olivia’s Ballerina Princess Birthday

Our baby girl turned six this month and wanted to spend it with her friends from school and dance class. It would be her first one with kids her own age. That’s the hardship of being the last one and your siblings are all boys and a lot older than you. So we went with a girly theme & combined her two favorite activities; being a princess & a ballerina!
Tiffany’s Dance Studio in Livermore hosted the party, having a great dance session for the girls as well as creating their own tiaras. Our hostess Miss Veronica did an amazing job with the girls and Olivia was one happy birthday girl.
I made tutus and crowns for the girls to wear & take home as favors. We also had a dessert table filled with homemade cake pops, candy pretzels, cupcakes and a beautiful ombré cake from Raley’s Bakery.
Thank you to all who attended and made her day extra special!










Now to prepare for next year… She asked if she can have a Cowgirl party!!!


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