Taking a moment

I know we can all relate to the saying “there are not enough hours in a day”, to get your errands done, to clean the house, do the laundry….etc. I have alot of those moments especially when school projects are due or planning for our next Girl Scout meeting but once in a while it’s nice to just place those nagging commitments to the side and take a break!
My daughter is always asking to go to the park after school but time usually doesn’t permit it. On Friday, we just went for it! After a quick meet up with her fellow scouts, we packed a swimsuit and visited our local water park. We were there for just an hour but what a difference a little “slow down” time made for our soul. I love seeing her run and laugh, make new friends and just smile. It was great for me too, I was able to spend time in the shade with a good book.
Summer with bring a little more down time which I look forward to and making memories with the kids will be the best part of all. Camping trips, summer sports or even if you have year round school, we just have to remember to take a little moment…




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