Family Movie Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

We spent the afternoon today watching the new X- men movie. Our family loves the franchise and all the other Marvel characters. My husband Marc is an avid comic book reader and knows every storyline since he was a kid.
My favorite X-Men is Storm and Halle Berry is a great in that part. I especially love her short hair in this movie, maybe one day they’ll let her sport the signature Mohawk.
We had a few questions concerning the story, such as, how did Xavier come back after being killed by Phoenix and how is Wolverine able to remember everything since his memory was wiped out by a bullet to the head from Striker?
I guess they weren’t meant to be in succession but it would have been awesome to see how they have been getting along since then.
Overall, we enjoyed it and the special effects didn’t disappoint.
Don’t forget to stay behind till the last of the credits roll, the studios love to give you a glimpse of future movies in the works!
So grab a tub of popcorn and a package of Red Vines and get ready to see some metal bend!




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