Girl Scouts Goodwill Good Turn Day 2014

One of the reasons I wanted my daughter to become a Girl Scout was for the opportunity to teach her that she could make a difference in the world. She can do it alone or with the help of others but her contribution mattered.
As a first year GS and a Daisy she was able to achieve a bit of that today. Our GS Region participated with Goodwill Industries to host a community service project called Good Turn Day 2014. It is an opportunity for our girls to learn how they could help others in their own hometown.
They spent a month collecting clothes, toys & books from family, friends and neighbors. Our little Daisies were able to donate 14 bags full of items.
I’m so proud of each of these kindergarteners, not only as their Troop Leader, but as a mom who gets a chance to watch and guide these young ladies into strong, independent and thoughtful people. It may seem like a little thing to donate one small bag but great things started out small at one point!
Cheers as we wind down a wonderful first year of Girl Scouts, I can’t wait to see what they do next year!







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