GS Twilight Camp

The best thing about being a mom is being able to relive your childhood all over again and possibly do things you didn’t do when you were younger. One of those things was girl camp! It wasn’t until I had a daughter of my own that I found myself doing things I thought I didn’t like as a kid. I was never fond of camping,  I’m more of a “let’s order room service” kind of girl.
But this year as a first time Girl Scout and Leader I’ve experienced alot of new things! One of them was Girl Scouts Camp!

I signed up as a volunteer and Olivia as a scout. We spent 4 fun evenings doing what Girl Scouts do best, motivate each other, design different crafts, sing songs, build friendships, learning to work as a team and just play outdoors!
We were placed in different units so she had a chance to experience camp without her mom hovering over her and I had a chance to lead a great group of Brownies. I loved seeing the older girls and moms who have been in GS for over 10 years and watching how much they loved their community.

I met many new friends myself and look forward to seeing our daughters grow as well as us as leaders and parents.
The best part was receiving hugs at the end of camp and hearing how much fun they had and them begging their moms to sign them up for next year!
I know we’ll be back and hopefully bring more friends to join in the fun!
Girl Scouts Rock!




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