Summertime Bliss


One of the many reasons I love summer is that I’m able to spend weeks with my boys rather than just weekends during the school year. I enjoy having them 24/7 and the calmness that comes to my mind knowing they are all under our roof.
I’m cherishing the time even more now since each year they are older and will soon be leaving the nest. My oldest is already in college and the next one leaves in just 2 years. I enjoy the quiet moments of just watching a favorite TV show as well as the loud, rambunctious chaos when it’s dinner time.
But most of all, I love the bond that we’re creating as we just exist in each others space. As we listen to each other and share a piece of ourselves.
I remember myself as a teenager and not wanting to be around my parents, so having a different relationship with my own kids meant so much to me. I’m grateful that they enjoy our company and that we just let them be themselves.  I couldn’t ask for anything better.
My summertime bliss has arrived.:)







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