Family Movie Review: Transformers 4: Age of Extinction


This week was a movie marathon for us, we managed to get in two new films!  The perks of summer I guess. Yesterday we spent the afternoon watching Transformers 4 and I have to say it was both entertaining and disappointing at the same time.
Entertaining because I love the franchise and Transformers have a special place in my heart since all my boys loved playing with them when they were younger. I especially love the Dinobots, what little kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? Seeing Optimus Prime astride Grimlock was so awesome. In that aspect of the characters,  they kept true to the original story of the Transformers (ok, minus the fact that a T-Rex doesn’t shoot fire like a dragon).
I was disappointed that this film was like all other Michael Bay films, the typical sexy young girl in short skimpy clothes, a young guy to save her ( but Mark Walberg did pretty good as the over protective father) and long passionate kisses in the midst of Armageddon with the sun setting in the background.  I mean really, if I was fighting for my life that would be the farthest from my mind, but that’s just me. Plus the many product ad placements throughout the film was a turn off.
Overall, if you can block out all those typical obnoxious scenes then you just might enjoy this film. The special effects were spectacular and suspenseful and Kelsy Grammer is too good as a villian. He shook that nice guy image with Boss.
I found myself leaving the 3 hour movie looking at all the semi trucks on the road and yelling out the window:
“Autobots Transform”




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