Bridging from Daisies to Brownies 

Today marked another milestone in Olivia’s adventures in Girl Scouts! She bridged (a promotion ceremony) from being a Daisy scout to a Brownie. It’s been 2 years now that we’ve been in Girl Scouts and Olivia & I are having a blast! She finished GS Twilight Camp on Friday so we planned our troop’s ceremony for today at the Oakland Zoo. Cookie funds paid for our girls to attend and we set up at the bridge overlooking the Baboon area. There were cute little monkey babies watching our girls cross the path. We enlisted the help of our troop moms to participate in the ceremony. One mom received the old vests, another helped them put on their new, I was able to place on their membership pin and another mom presented them each with their award. It was a great day being able to share with family and friends. I’m so proud of these girls and their families, they all did great! 



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