Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

The perfect description of my husband is defined in the English Dictionary under Superman! It says ” a man with exceptional physical or mental ability”. I can also add charm, charisma, intelligence, street savvy, athleticism , humbleness  and so much more. I love watching him with our kids, our nephews and nieces and family friends, he seems to be the Pied Piper of our family. Everyone gravitates to him. He can be strict, he doesn’t want our kids to be little spoiled brats and he knows how to let them know they are loved even when it’s time to discipline. He tries his best to be at every wrestling match, soccer practice or basketball game. He cheers them on thru struggles and victories. He can cuddle on the couch to watch a Disney movie with our daughter and find time to challenge the boys on Call Of Duty. I’m amazed everyday as I witness his daddy powers and I adore seeing him grow with our kids. Parenting is such a challenge but the rewards are phenomenal. I thank G-d each evening for bringing him into my life and I look forward to seeing him with our future grandkids. I love you Marc, my husband, best friend and Super Dad. You make it look so easy! Happy Father’s Day!




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