Family Movie Review: Minions


Let’s see, a movie about little yellow henchmen whose only mission in life is find the perfect Master Villian to serve? Ok, I’m in! 

In all logical sense, you wonder why spend my hard earned money on a bunch of unintelligible, clumsy characters but the truth is they’re Minions and they’re funny. You go to see this movie with your kids and their laughter makes it all worth it. My 7 year old daughter was waiting patiently to see this movie & she wasn’t disappointed. These little characters have charm and personalities that seem to reflect a lot of grown ups I know. LOL! But overall, after all their blunders & mischievous encounters they still manage to remain positive and optimistic. Definitely qualities you want you own little ones to learn. 

So bite the bullet, grab some popcorn & candies and take your kids to see this film. It’s funny and enjoyable and you won’t stop singing along ( the soundtrack is amazing!)! Also, I was happy to see my favorite character at the end (hint: his name rhymes with new).



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