Run Disney Tinkerbell Marathon 2017

This past Mother’s Day weekend I was able to participate in a RunDisney event for the first time! It was on my bucket list to do but after experiencing it I can now say it has become a hobby! I had the best time and it was a perfect way to spend Mother’s Day.

I signed up my 9 year old daughter along with myself to run the Neverland 5k. I figured that would be the less strenuous race for us since we are beginners. The race starts at 5am but you have to arrive at the park by 4am. My poor daughter caught the stomach flu and couldn’t run so I went alone. She was really bummed but I told her to rest up so she could go to California Adventure Park later that day.

I was in for a treat! I LOVED how everyone (thousands) showed up in full costume including those young and old. The nerd in me was geeking out and the competitor in me said I need to step my costume game up! Seeing the Magic Castle in the early morning was such an amazing experience and running thru the parks was breathtaking! I loved the motivation families had to cheer their little ones on as they ran thru the race. Even having the bystanders cheer you on as you pass by was motivating!

I was able to finish the race in 45 minutes (which I felt great about but also sad because it was over) and earned my first RunDisney medal. Let me tell you I am now hooked! I’ve already started planning our next race which will be the Star Wars Marathon in January 2018!! That gives me 8 months to perfect our costumes!!!

All in all, it was the best weekend and I got to spend it with my sister and nephew too! Happy Mother’s Day to all you hard working, passionate moms out there!!



Jaseon turns 11

Our son Jaseon turned 11 last month. It had been a long time since we were able to see his handsome face and we were so excited to celebrate his special day with him! All the kids sang “Happy Birthday” & helped him eat up his birthday cookie!
We love you Jaseon!



Happy Birthday Gerald!

Yesterday we spent the day celebrating our son Gerald’s 15th birthday! His father & I had so much fun planning & prepping to make sure he had a memorable one. Especially since we just moved & he hasn’t had a chance to make new friends to celebrate with.
Dad went the day before to The Cheesecake Factory in Pleasanton to pick up Gerald’s dream cake, a Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake. I hid it in the back of the fridge in plastic bags so he couldn’t see it! Then we taped balloons & streamers to his door for a waterfall effect when he opened it in the morning. It worked & was so fun to watch them tumble on his sleepy face!
He opened his gift from us, a new HP Laptop. We wanted him to start off his sophomore year with the best tools to help him achieve. He’s been asking for one since last year. Besides, his honor roll grades from last year helped seal the deal.
We then ventured to our local Starbucks for birthday Frappuccinos and a latte for me.
It so happened that his registration for HS was today too, so our afternoon was spent at the school getting his classes. I told you it was fun! LOL!!
Birthday haircut at our local barbershop after lunch then homeward bound to eat some cake! The best part for us was seeing how happy he was & the hugs we received in thanks! We are very lucky parents to have such a sweet & grateful kid as our son.
I’m so proud of what he has accomplished & the goals he has for himself in the near future!
You’re a true gem Gerald, I’m so happy you came to live with us and I’m in awe as I watch you grow. Have a wonderful birthday year son (driver’s permit coming up in 6 months!).
We love you!




Tribute to my Grandma Becky

On Friday, April 19, 2013, my beautiful Grandma Becky passed away. She was 88 years old and still young in my eyes. She passed away in a nursing home that cared for her for over a year after succumbing to ill health and unable to walk or care for herself. She was ready to go, she was an independent woman that was used to doing things herself, her own way and on her own time.
I have fond memories of my grandmother. When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I loved watching my grandmother apply her makeup. She would let me sit with her in the bathroom as she slipped on her lipstick & shape her eyebrows. I was so enthralled then. She was always beautiful to me with or without makeup, but she always showed a bit more confidence when she dolled herself up. That’s probably how I came to love makeup & later become a makeup artist.
Whenever my sister and I visited her, she took us to the mall to window shop & get ice cream. You know little girls always enjoy the mall. Grandma loved to cook too, she enjoyed showing us how to make homemade tortillas and enchiladas and when she was in the kitchen with her mom, my great grandma, it was even better. Love was always in there and you felt it!
But my fondest memories are just of her smiling and the way she greeted us every time we saw each other. Open arms and love in her eyes. I will miss having her to talk to. She was never judge mental to the choices I made in my life. She loved me unconditionally. Especially since my own mother has been the opposite. My grandmother is someone who I hope to be like as I have my own grand kids. If I am, then I know I’ve made her happy and my grand kids will remember me with as much love & wonderful memories.
I love you Grandma! May the Angels rejoice and be glad that you are with them now!




DisneyWorld // Magic Kingdom 2013

As the days dwindle down to our move back to California, we decide to treat the kids to a few days at DisneyWorld. We picked up the Florida resident 3 day Disney Pass. Our first stop was to Magic Kingdom to experience the new attractions at Fantasyland.
We spent ALL day at the park and before heading home we caught the Main Street Electrical Parade. It brought back many wonderful memories of my own childhood, especially seeing Pete’s Dragon (who remembers that?).
The highlight to this trip was Enchanted Tales with Belle. Here you get to participate in acting out a story with Belle. Daddy was chosen to be one of her Master of Arms and our little Olivia was picked to play The Beast! It was beautiful to see Olivia light up when she got to dance with Belle. I was so proud of Daddy too, he did a great job acting in front of the crowd.
Devon & Gerald enjoyed Tomorrowland where they rode Space Mountain 3 times and drove cars on the Raceway twice.
Our next adventure will be to Epcot. Can’t wait to see what awaits us there.







Pumpkin Patch

October is almost over and Halloween is near! We spent our Sunday picking out pumpkins and getting last minute costume pieces. We then spent the afternoon making cupcakes & playing games. Tomorrow we’ll carve (once Daddy gets home) and then we’ll be ready for Wednesday when its time to welcome all the Ghosts & Goblins!