Treasure Tuesdays : Mouse Ears

One of the best items to wear at any Disney Park is Mouse Ears! They are a perfect way to show your favorite character and get into the spirit of being at the “Happiest Place on Earth”! I’ve collected a few from past visits to WDW but this year I wanted to wear custom made designs. 

I found the perfect gal who makes them and boy, is she talented! Jennifer at @magicmouseears on Instagram has a shop at She has so many themes to choose from and is always available for custom orders. 

I’ve ordered a pair of Ariel ears for Olivia and Ursula for me! They are gorgeous, comfortable and very sturdy! I have now found my newest collecting obsession!😝

Support homemade shops on Etsy, there are so many talented folks out there!


California’s Great America

Summertime is here and we’re ready to Parrttaayy!! Our family decided to do a Season Pass this year and we are taking full advantage of it!

We are planning weekly visits this summer so the kids (and us parents) can enjoy the rides, water parks and gaming zone. We purchased Souvenir cups so we can enjoy drinks all season at $1 a pop! I’m so glad we did it especially now that Olivia is older and can enjoy it more.

My goal is to make sure my kids have wonderful childhood memories just like I did! I think we’re headed in the right direction!

Here’s some fun photos!

Family Movie Review:Finding DoryΒ 

Wow! I’m so excited that Finding Dory is finally out in theatres. It’s been 12 years since Nemo and our family was anxious to see it.

I didn’t know too much about it, I tried not to watch reviews so I won’t read any spoilers. I only knew that Dory was on a search to find her family. 

We laughed, cried and cheered during the whole film! It was beautifully written and visually stunning. It made we want to plan a trip to our local aquarium. 

This film makes you appreciate your true family and friends and realize they will be there for you no matter what and the bond between a parent and their children is deep and special. 

Don’t miss out, go and see it on the big screen. Bring grandma and grandpa too, they will love it!

Back to School 2015

Our babies began another year of school this month! Gerald started his last year of High School, he is officially a Senior and Olivia started 2nd grade! Ethan will begin his Freshman year of HS at the end of August. I’m so excited to see how this year will play out. We have soccer, wrestling and football, Girl Scout cookies and ballet lessons. Many memories to make and milestones to reach. So proud of my kids for their enthusiasm and determination to make every moment count in their daily lives. Guess I need to make sure I keep up! 😊 



Family Movie Review: Minions


Let’s see, a movie about little yellow henchmen whose only mission in life is find the perfect Master Villian to serve? Ok, I’m in! 

In all logical sense, you wonder why spend my hard earned money on a bunch of unintelligible, clumsy characters but the truth is they’re Minions and they’re funny. You go to see this movie with your kids and their laughter makes it all worth it. My 7 year old daughter was waiting patiently to see this movie & she wasn’t disappointed. These little characters have charm and personalities that seem to reflect a lot of grown ups I know. LOL! But overall, after all their blunders & mischievous encounters they still manage to remain positive and optimistic. Definitely qualities you want you own little ones to learn. 

So bite the bullet, grab some popcorn & candies and take your kids to see this film. It’s funny and enjoyable and you won’t stop singing along ( the soundtrack is amazing!)! Also, I was happy to see my favorite character at the end (hint: his name rhymes with new).


Back to School 2014

Today is Olivia’s first day of 1st Grade! I swear she grew in inches & maturity these past 2 months! She was so excited to be back and able to see all her friends.
This year I’m thankful that Daddy was able to be home for this special day, the past 5 years he was on the road. I loved seeing his look of pride when he dropped off his babies at school.
Last week, Gerald started his Junior year. He’s excited for what being 16 holds for him. He can finally get a job, get his driver’s permit and start preparing for graduation in 2 yrs. Time is flying!!
Happy first day as a Junior, Gerald and Happy first day Olivia! We are so proud of you both!!