Run Disney Tinkerbell Marathon 2017

This past Mother’s Day weekend I was able to participate in a RunDisney event for the first time! It was on my bucket list to do but after experiencing it I can now say it has become a hobby! I had the best time and it was a perfect way to spend Mother’s Day.

I signed up my 9 year old daughter along with myself to run the Neverland 5k. I figured that would be the less strenuous race for us since we are beginners. The race starts at 5am but you have to arrive at the park by 4am. My poor daughter caught the stomach flu and couldn’t run so I went alone. She was really bummed but I told her to rest up so she could go to California Adventure Park later that day.

I was in for a treat! I LOVED how everyone (thousands) showed up in full costume including those young and old. The nerd in me was geeking out and the competitor in me said I need to step my costume game up! Seeing the Magic Castle in the early morning was such an amazing experience and running thru the parks was breathtaking! I loved the motivation families had to cheer their little ones on as they ran thru the race. Even having the bystanders cheer you on as you pass by was motivating!

I was able to finish the race in 45 minutes (which I felt great about but also sad because it was over) and earned my first RunDisney medal. Let me tell you I am now hooked! I’ve already started planning our next race which will be the Star Wars Marathon in January 2018!! That gives me 8 months to perfect our costumes!!!

All in all, it was the best weekend and I got to spend it with my sister and nephew too! Happy Mother’s Day to all you hard working, passionate moms out there!!



It’s Our Anniversary 

When you’re young, you have a certain belief about life that you will grow up, get married, have a family and grow old together. You don’t think that it may not turn out that way. I was blessed with a marriage that produced 3 beautiful sons but not the longevity. When that union dissolves, you think never again will I marry or be in love again but you do. At least for me that was true. The old saying goes, when you’re not looking for love it fill find you and it did. 

I met my love at a time when it was perfectly aligned for us to meet. He had been married before and had 4 handsome boys. He lived in the same town although we never crossed paths before. I truly believe we were meant to meet at the time we did. We were able to appreciate one another, respect one another and admire each other as a fellow parent and friend. We had so much in common but yet could still show each other something new. We knew we would marry and we did. We blended our families and also welcomed a baby girl into the world. 

Let me just say it’s not easy! Marriage the second time around especially with kids is not always bliss but it’s wonderful! I know that I have a partner for life, a best friend and the best father for our kids. When we married 8 years ago, I took those vows seriously and knew they would be the last time I said them. I will grow old with him and have grandkids with him. We will never be apart for too long and we will help each other grow spiritually and emotionally. We will always put each other first and show each other appreciation. At the end of the day, he’s the one I want to see before I close my eyes and when I wake up.

Thank you to my husband Marc for showing me love can happen for the second time and make it feel like the first! You give me life, laughter, comfort, protection and peace. You are my King and Best Friend. 

Happy Anniversary❤️



Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

The perfect description of my husband is defined in the English Dictionary under Superman! It says ” a man with exceptional physical or mental ability”. I can also add charm, charisma, intelligence, street savvy, athleticism , humbleness  and so much more. I love watching him with our kids, our nephews and nieces and family friends, he seems to be the Pied Piper of our family. Everyone gravitates to him. He can be strict, he doesn’t want our kids to be little spoiled brats and he knows how to let them know they are loved even when it’s time to discipline. He tries his best to be at every wrestling match, soccer practice or basketball game. He cheers them on thru struggles and victories. He can cuddle on the couch to watch a Disney movie with our daughter and find time to challenge the boys on Call Of Duty. I’m amazed everyday as I witness his daddy powers and I adore seeing him grow with our kids. Parenting is such a challenge but the rewards are phenomenal. I thank G-d each evening for bringing him into my life and I look forward to seeing him with our future grandkids. I love you Marc, my husband, best friend and Super Dad. You make it look so easy! Happy Father’s Day!