Run Disney Tinkerbell Marathon 2017

This past Mother’s Day weekend I was able to participate in a RunDisney event for the first time! It was on my bucket list to do but after experiencing it I can now say it has become a hobby! I had the best time and it was a perfect way to spend Mother’s Day.

I signed up my 9 year old daughter along with myself to run the Neverland 5k. I figured that would be the less strenuous race for us since we are beginners. The race starts at 5am but you have to arrive at the park by 4am. My poor daughter caught the stomach flu and couldn’t run so I went alone. She was really bummed but I told her to rest up so she could go to California Adventure Park later that day.

I was in for a treat! I LOVED how everyone (thousands) showed up in full costume including those young and old. The nerd in me was geeking out and the competitor in me said I need to step my costume game up! Seeing the Magic Castle in the early morning was such an amazing experience and running thru the parks was breathtaking! I loved the motivation families had to cheer their little ones on as they ran thru the race. Even having the bystanders cheer you on as you pass by was motivating!

I was able to finish the race in 45 minutes (which I felt great about but also sad because it was over) and earned my first RunDisney medal. Let me tell you I am now hooked! I’ve already started planning our next race which will be the Star Wars Marathon in January 2018!! That gives me 8 months to perfect our costumes!!!

All in all, it was the best weekend and I got to spend it with my sister and nephew too! Happy Mother’s Day to all you hard working, passionate moms out there!!



Ethan, my Little League Pitcher

My 11 year old son began his 6th season of Little League this month! Living in Florida & not being close to him in CA, has been real tough. This is my second year missing his games. Well,almost second, since I got the chance to fly home and watch my little man in action again. This year he is in the Majors and on the Giants team! He really loves the sport & I get emotional every time I watch him! It’s hard to control myself when the Umpire calls his strikes ( don’t all moms disagree with the Umpires?) or to not embarrass him with my over zealous cheers!! He’s a great pitcher & I love watching his concentration. He’s good at being a team player & always gives encouragement to his teammates. Before I had boys you couldn’t catch this girl at a baseball game, now I know the rules & can call it down the line!! My boys taught me well and I’m enjoying every minute of it!