Treasure Tuesdays: Shutterfly

One of my favorite websites on the planet is Shutterfly! I use it to order photos, calendars, mugs or anything they can muster up. They also host Share Sites that I use for my Girl Scout troop to communicate with parents and ask for event sign ups. It’s a perfect and safe place for them to upload photos and ask questions pertaining to our troop.

I have been ordering a Memory Book from Shutterfly for the past 3 years. It’s a wonderful way for me to save all of Olivia’s adventures with Girl Scouts. We can then take it out from time to time and relive all the things we did.

Every month or so, they have discounts or member freebies, take advantage of those! I love personalized luggage tags, mouse pads or large prints. Enjoy your memory making!



Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

The perfect description of my husband is defined in the English Dictionary under Superman! It says ” a man with exceptional physical or mental ability”. I can also add charm, charisma, intelligence, street savvy, athleticism , humbleness  and so much more. I love watching him with our kids, our nephews and nieces and family friends, he seems to be the Pied Piper of our family. Everyone gravitates to him. He can be strict, he doesn’t want our kids to be little spoiled brats and he knows how to let them know they are loved even when it’s time to discipline. He tries his best to be at every wrestling match, soccer practice or basketball game. He cheers them on thru struggles and victories. He can cuddle on the couch to watch a Disney movie with our daughter and find time to challenge the boys on Call Of Duty. I’m amazed everyday as I witness his daddy powers and I adore seeing him grow with our kids. Parenting is such a challenge but the rewards are phenomenal. I thank G-d each evening for bringing him into my life and I look forward to seeing him with our future grandkids. I love you Marc, my husband, best friend and Super Dad. You make it look so easy! Happy Father’s Day!



Happy Halloween!

The holiday season has definitely arrived and Halloween started us off with a bang! We just finished our evening of Trick or Treating around the neighborhood. This year we celebrated here in Florida and it was an experience. Being a California girl, I always forget the bug population here! We started our trek before sunset and once the sun went down the bugs came out! LOL! We hurried down the block and still managed to collect lots of candy. Most important, our daughter had a blast! The years are passing so fast and I cherish these holidays even more.  Now, with November beginning tomorrow, we plan for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah in December and Christmas! But for today, I wish you a very wonderful Halloween!!

A Pirate Party {guest feature}

One of my amazing friends,Theresa, loves to style events for birthdays, baby showers and weddings. She designed this special party for her son Kaleb. I’ll let her introduce herself and see pics of her party below! Enjoy!!

Hi! My name is Theresa Rothstein and I have a big imagination and large dreams!  I have always enjoyed unleashing my creative side by planning parties for my three young boys and close family members. But more recently I have had the opportunity to implement ideas I have found from various blogs and sleepless nights of mental party planning for pregnant friends, blushing brides, and my sons’ classmates. My dream job is to be a Wedding Planner, (and yes, I must admit J-Lo really helped seal that deal!) but I have really enjoyed broadening the spectrum to events of any sort! I would love to include cultural and religious celebrations, such as Bat/Bar Mitzvahs and Quinceañeras, to my portfolio in the near future. 
 Here are a few tips to ensure an amazing party:
*Pick a theme (these particular parties are Alice in Wonderland: A Very Merry UNbirthday and Pirates!)
*Purchase party items in advance, preferably on clearance!
*Do some research. For example: Pirate party inspiration board (a few of my fave party sites are: )
*Stick to your budget! It may be difficult, but a toddler’s birthday party should not break the bank!
*Use what you already have: glass cups, vases in various sizes, tissue paper, etc.
*Keeping with two solid colors are nice accents to a theme party, it can be a bit overwhelming to see a one-eyed pirate all over a tablecloth!

*Personalize your party! Incorporate the Bride’s wedding date for a Bridal Shower or the guest of honor’s name in a banner.
*Most importantly, have fun!

For more information please contact me or feel free to view my portfolio at



I especially love the pirate face cupcakes and treasure chest cake! Thank you so much Theresa, for sharing your special day!