Family Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean “Dead Men Tell No Tales”


What a ride!!! Yesterday, we had the opportunity to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. It was great way to celebrate the last day of school! This movie was definitely the best one yet!! I have loved all of the movies in the franchise but this one sealed the series for me with a perfect black pirate ribbon on top!

I won’t give away any spoilers because you have to experience it yourself but I will tell you, you won’t be disappointed! If you love action, suspense, special effects and a love story then this one’s of you. All our favorites are back, Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan along with the newest villian Salazar!

Pack a cozy blanket, put on your pirate hat and head to your local theater, Jack and his band of Pirates are waiting to take you on a voyage you won’t want to end!

Enjoy Mateys!


Family Movie Review:Finding Dory 

Wow! I’m so excited that Finding Dory is finally out in theatres. It’s been 12 years since Nemo and our family was anxious to see it.

I didn’t know too much about it, I tried not to watch reviews so I won’t read any spoilers. I only knew that Dory was on a search to find her family. 

We laughed, cried and cheered during the whole film! It was beautifully written and visually stunning. It made we want to plan a trip to our local aquarium. 

This film makes you appreciate your true family and friends and realize they will be there for you no matter what and the bond between a parent and their children is deep and special. 

Don’t miss out, go and see it on the big screen. Bring grandma and grandpa too, they will love it!

Family Movie Review: Pixar’s Inside Out

I’m not gonna lie, when I first saw clips of this movie 6 months ago, I wasn’t too excited to see it. I mean, really? A movie about voices in your head? But as June came closer and I saw a few more trailers, I thought this could be pretty cool. Today was opening day, so my sister and I decided to take our 7 & 5 year old to see it. Oh What Fun!!! I seriously fell in love with this movie!

Inside Out is about a young girl named Riley and the “emotions” that help shape her into the beautiful person she is. As a parent, you always want your kids to have the happiest, most joyful memories. We try not to let them experience too many moments of sadness, anger or fear. But we learn that those emotions help shape us too. We need each of them to have a full, loving and beautiful life.

I love the way they taught this to my daughter as well as myself. As her mom, I remembered she needed to have experience in each of these feelings to grow. She understood why Riley was acting or feeling a certain way and in some scenes she could identify as having those feelings herself. I have to admit, I cried. How does Disney do that all the time?! Maybe because as a mom, I can see both sides to the story: Life as a kid ( I have the Peter Pan syndrome) and life as a worried, tired, happy, proud parent.

I adored this film and plan to see it again. Its a perfect way to spend a hot summer day with your family. I know Dads will love it too!



Family Movie Review: Maleficent


Yesterday we had the chance to see Maleficent and let me say it was worth the wait! Since they put the trailer in theaters last year, I’ve been counting down the months to its release date. Of all the Disney Villains, she was my favorite since childhood.
I grew up loving her long, wispy gown, articulate voice and most notably her beautiful green skin.


Disney’s Sleeping Beauty was enchanting for me because of the magic and lovely characters. I knew even then that Maleficent wasn’t all bad, she was just hurt because she wasn’t invited to the christening. How rude of the King! I loved watching her turn herself into a fierce dragon even though it meant her doom. Because as you know, in all fairy tales, the light always casts out the darkness in the end.
So, with that love of the old animated film, I was curious and excited to see what Disney would do with my beloved mistress.  To hear her side of the story be told and to look upon the old fable in a whole new light.
I don’t wish to give away any details because you have to see it for yourself so you can experience the same surprise and feel the emotions without expecting it. This adaptation was spectacular!  The visual effects,  the storyline and the actors all did a fantastic job. Angelina Jolie was perfect in the role and bringing my glorious Maleficent to life. She had the laugh, the warmth, the naughtiness and the mothering emotions spot on.


This movie will now go into my mental library as a top favorite of all time.
Even my husband and teenage son enjoyed it!
So as I’ve been telling my friends you need to take your kids, your neighbor’s kids, the Girl Scout troop, grandma and grandpa, and go experience this movie!
Once you do, come back and tell me how you liked it!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Our second “Farewell to Florida” trip was spent at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! We’re counting down the weeks to our move back to CA and wanted to make sure we visited all the Amusement Parks before we left.
Sunday was Mother’s Day and Disney is no exception in making sure Moms are celebrated. I was given a beautiful flower upon entering the park and greeted by a sweet cast member who wished me a great day.
We initially planned to visit Epcot but we felt Hollywood Studios had more attractions for the kids. We were right! Our first stop was the menacing Hollywood Tower Hotel. I asked the hubby and boys to try it out first before having our 5 year old on the ride. They came back saying it wasn’t that scary, what a big fib! LOL! Poor Olivia was NOT happy about that ride!
After a break with Dad & ice cream to calm her tummy, Olivia was ready to face the rest of the rides! Hubby & I took turns taking the boys on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster then The Great Movie Ride but the best part was Star Tours which we rode about 4 times! Olivia loved that one!!
Pixar Studios was a perfect place to see Woody and Buzz & Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular had fun explosions with awesome movie stunts.
While the boys headed to The Tower one last time, Olivia and I caught the Beauty and the Beast -Live on Stage show. It was worth the wait in the heat!
Time flew by and after 9 hours at the park we were ready to head home. After a stop at Best Friends Pet Care to pick up Penelope from doggy day care we headed home and planned our final adventure! I think next stop is Magic Kingdom again !





Debut of Disney’s New Fantasyland 2012

Today marks the Grand Opening of Disneyworld’s New Fantasyland in Orlando, Fl. The newest expansion showcases character meet and greet, restaurants and attractions. I’m looking forward to seeing Be Our Guest Restaurant, Enchanted Tales with Belle, Gaston’s Tavern, Dumbo The Flying Elephant, Under The Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid.
Fantasyland was always my Happiest Place on Earth as a little girl and I know it will be my daughter’s favorite with much more to explore.
We plan to visit the park once the holiday season is finished but until then we’ll enjoy the many reviews other families are sharing on their blogs!
If you have any photos please share via twitter at @lolipopmermaids
Happy Holidays!


Commemorative Collectors Pin from (ordered today!)


Halloween Princesses ONLY!

It’s a bit early, I know, but I’m the type of person who has to plan events way in advance! LOL! Halloween is no exception. I already pulled out the home decorations and got to work putting up the display. Now to focus on the costumes.
My daughter has decided that this year she would like to dress as Sleeping Beauty. I was secretly hoping for Merida from Brave so I could get her the bow and arrow. I could then dress as her mom, The Queen. But that’s a dead no. I told her I was then going to dress as a ghostly maid or an evil Queen but that was squashed too! Little princess would like mommy to dress as a princess too! Really? Because this mommy just isn’t the princess type. I mean I LOVE them and buy every Disney princess item the store carries. But I always was drawn to the Villians! So since she’s the only one in my family that even wears a costume on Halloween (besides me) I decided to go the princess route. She’ll get a big kick out of it and I’ll have a trick or treat partner!
Here’s her choice: Princess Aurora

P.s. isn’t the treat bag too cute?



What are your children dressing up as? I’d love to hear or see pics!!