Graduation Year 2016

It’s been a whole year since I posted to this blog. It’s been a bit busy. I went back to work full time, husband has been at home recovering from foot surgery and taking care of the Homefront. 2 of our boys graduated High School and Olivia passed 2nd grade. So many blessings and reasons to be thankful!

I’m thankful for Gerald being able to participate in all his Senior events including Prom, Grad Night, Senior Beach Day and the grad parties. He’s been working part time all year as well as balancing his school work, he graduated with an awesome report card too! So proud of this kid.

This summer is another blessing because we are able to take the kids to Disneyland and Universal Studios before school starts. We can’t wait!!!

The house is getting quieter as the kids grow up, graduate and move on to their own lives. We may need to add some pets to keep us busy and the house noisy!

Olivia receiving her 3rd award and with her teacher Ms. Caley.

Gerald’s Graduation Day and Brunch

All in all it’s been a great school year! I really am one blessed mom!!!


Olivia’s Kindergarten Promotion

Wow! It finally happened!  I have all my kids in numeric grades now. Olivia had her kindergarten graduation today amongst her family and friends. Hubby and I were so proud of our little girl.
For two weeks she knew exactly what she wanted to wear and how to style her hair.
As room parents, we helped set up the cafeteria with decorations and each kinder class helped donate desserts & drinks. It was a wonderful celebration that we were able to share with her Granny, Auntie Gaye and Auntie Monica. Cousins Kayla and Caden were there too.
We’ll remember this school year with fond memories of Friday Fun Days with 8th grade buddies, the Oakland Zoo field trip, Tuesday volunteer days helping the kids hand paint and singing songs as they do their classwork.
Thank you to Mrs. Nunn for being a great and patient teacher this year!
Now it’s Cheers to Summer!!!!




Busy Days

It’s been 7 months since my last post! Time flew by me without letting me catch up! Alot has happened during that time and I plan to do a better job at keeping this fun blog updated.
My daughter and I have joined Girl Scouts and it’s been an amazing adventure. I’m an official Troop Leader! Never would I have picked that role for me, I’m not an “outdoorsy” person nor  a “sing a long” to campfire tunes kinda gal but here I am and loving it! It took having a little girl of my own to bring it out! It’s part of that “girls can do anything” mentality that I want to teach her.
The school year is almost over, with summer right around the corner. Our kids are another year towards independence. 
Our 16 year old Noah started his first job last month and our 13 year old Ethan will be traveling to Israel next month with his Dad for his Bar Mitvah!
Our 15 year old Gerald will be able to get his driver’s permit in August while our second oldest Devon graduates High School in a few weeks. Whew, what else?!
Hubby is out traveling Europe for work and I’m holding down the fort and counting the days till I can sip margaritas on my porch in the summer sunsets!
I’ll make sure to keep you informed!
Happy May Days!!

High School Graduate!

Am I dreaming? Because I just had this little boy in my arms not too long ago, and now he leaves for College? Every parent’s dream & fearful moment, has finally happened to me. My darling firstborn is a High School graduate. I’m not gonna lie and say I kept it together because I didn’t. I cried when the announcer called his name & he walked across the stage to receive his Diploma. I’ve been crying off and on for the past few weeks, just knowing he will soon leave his father’s house and live in another city for his college years.
I guess I always hoped this day wouldn’t come, I wanted him & his brothers near me forever and to always need me but he’s his own person now and has to take on the world his own way.
The only thing I can do is make sure that he knows I love him, will always be here for him and that I’m forever proud of him.
Congrats my darling Julien, your adventure awaits you! ❤