Julien Joshua turns 21

I can’t believe this day is here! My baby boy turns 21 today, he’s a true grown adult now. I know us moms always say “it seems like yesterday ” but seriously it really does. 

I remember being pregnant and doing my best to eat healthy, even giving up my beloved coffee and wine. I had cravings for pickles, salsa and hummus. I enjoyed buying maternity clothes and especially baby clothes. 

I remember your birth day and how I couldn’t wait to meet you. How nothing helped ease the contractions, my birth plan went straight out the window! I begged the doctor to finally give me an epidural! ( I stated in my plan that I only want a natural birth with no pain meds) I was in heaven after that! Lol! And when you finally came into the world I cried with pure happiness. I never knew a love as powerful as that. Motherhood is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Since that day, I’ve watched and helped you grow into a curious boy, loving brother and now a grown adult. You love to explore and try new things and I love that about you. 

I cherish all my memories and pray we create new ones together as we grow older. You will always be my special one because you were my first. First hug, first baby kiss, first tooth, first lost tooth, first step, first day of school, first graduation, first college….
I Love you forever, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be…

❤️ mommy 


The Last Day of School 2015

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since my last post. I use this blog to keep a visual record of my family and all their milestones. I plan to do a better job from now on. This post is about the last day of school for two of my kids. Gerald finished his Junior year at High School and Olivia completed the 1st grade. I’m so proud of these two for doing so well in academics as well as keeping up with sports and Olivia in Girl Scouts. Noah finishes his Junior year next week and Ethan will have his 8th grade promotion on Thursday. Another busy year. Way to go my munchkins, now let’s have an awesome summer.



Olivia and her first grade teacher Ms. Perkins

Olivia earned the Citizenship and Accelerated Reader awards 

Gerald’s last day as a Junior!

Happy 12th Birthday to my darling Ethan!

Another year has passed and my youngest son is turning 12 today! What a wonderful year it’s been. Last year I talked about his birth and what I went thru to bring him into the world, now I can talk about what he’s done for me. His love and personality have made me one proud mommy! Ethan has a smile that lights up any room! I’d move planets for his smile and for his adoring hugs. My son has overcome many challenges and keeps such a positive and loving attitude. His vivacious spirit and competitive soul keep him motivated to keep up with his older brothers.
I love that he enjoys reading and building skyscrapers with his Legos, plays a mean game of Kinect bowling and is always up for a trip to Krispy Kreme. I cherish that he still calls me “mommy” and loves to cuddle on the couch during a favorite TV show. I thank G-d everyday that he blessed me with him and that I still have 6 more years to “coddle” him till he leaves me for college. This year will be filled with hard work ( starting Jr. High and Bar Mitzvah next year) but I know that my Ethan will be able to accomplish it with determination and with a smile on his face!
I love you so dearly, my darling Ethan, and so happy to wish you a very merry Birthday!
-love Mommy❤