3rd Grade School Year 2017

Another year has come to an end and our baby girl has graduated 3rd grade. Seriously, the years seem to accelerate with each and every grade. I can’t believe Olivia is going to be a 4th grader this August.

She had a wonderful time in Ms. de la Motte’s class, learning how to create and write stories (her favorite), excelling in math (she has exceeded my capacity) and improving her vocabulary skills. She learned a lot about constellations, US history and our states.

She took part in Pioneer Day where she learned how families lived back in the 1700’s. She portrayed Mary Jackson (famous NASA engineer) in her school Wax Museum and was able to vote in her classroom poll for the Presidential Race back in November.

Although we had some growing pains (learning to deal with other friend’s personalities, how to handle problems without getting frustrated and to go easy on yourself if you don’t get the answer right the first time), I know she is learning to handle these situations a lot better and on her own.

Olivia, also, received awards throughout the year too! She earned the citizenship and character awards twice. I’m so proud of her and all of her accomplishments this year. She is a great friend and very caring person. Which to me makes for a beautiful human being!  I can’t wait to see how she progresses next year in the 4th grade.

Happy Summer Olivia, you earned it!!


Graduation Year 2016

It’s been a whole year since I posted to this blog. It’s been a bit busy. I went back to work full time, husband has been at home recovering from foot surgery and taking care of the Homefront. 2 of our boys graduated High School and Olivia passed 2nd grade. So many blessings and reasons to be thankful!

I’m thankful for Gerald being able to participate in all his Senior events including Prom, Grad Night, Senior Beach Day and the grad parties. He’s been working part time all year as well as balancing his school work, he graduated with an awesome report card too! So proud of this kid.

This summer is another blessing because we are able to take the kids to Disneyland and Universal Studios before school starts. We can’t wait!!!

The house is getting quieter as the kids grow up, graduate and move on to their own lives. We may need to add some pets to keep us busy and the house noisy!

Olivia receiving her 3rd award and with her teacher Ms. Caley.

Gerald’s Graduation Day and Brunch

All in all it’s been a great school year! I really am one blessed mom!!!

Back to School 2015

Our babies began another year of school this month! Gerald started his last year of High School, he is officially a Senior and Olivia started 2nd grade! Ethan will begin his Freshman year of HS at the end of August. I’m so excited to see how this year will play out. We have soccer, wrestling and football, Girl Scout cookies and ballet lessons. Many memories to make and milestones to reach. So proud of my kids for their enthusiasm and determination to make every moment count in their daily lives. Guess I need to make sure I keep up! 😊 



Ethan’s 8th grade Promotion 2015

Today my youngest son Ethan graduated from Junior High! I had been looking forward to this day since the beginning of the school year! I watched him over the years look up to his brothers as they reached this milestone and knew he couldn’t wait for it to be his turn. He’s not the scholarly type like his brother Noah or the big popular guy on campus like his older brother Julien but he held his own. He’s the sweetheart, the athletic one, the daredevil and the optimistic one! He’s his own man and has always walked to the beat of his own drum. I think that’s what I love about him the most. He doesn’t define or categorize himself into anything but just who he is. I’m so proud of all he achieved this year and his plan as he enters his Freshman year. He’ll be on the school football team like his oldest brother but he has already made a name for himself. He’ll be known as just Ethan and not as Noah or Julien’s little brother! I love that! So son, as you venture into the next 4 years of High School, remember that you are loved for just the way you are and that You matter. Your presence counts and you will succeed! I’m so thankful I get to witness it! Cheers to a great four years ahead! I love you son!


The Last Day of School 2015

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since my last post. I use this blog to keep a visual record of my family and all their milestones. I plan to do a better job from now on. This post is about the last day of school for two of my kids. Gerald finished his Junior year at High School and Olivia completed the 1st grade. I’m so proud of these two for doing so well in academics as well as keeping up with sports and Olivia in Girl Scouts. Noah finishes his Junior year next week and Ethan will have his 8th grade promotion on Thursday. Another busy year. Way to go my munchkins, now let’s have an awesome summer.



Olivia and her first grade teacher Ms. Perkins

Olivia earned the Citizenship and Accelerated Reader awards 

Gerald’s last day as a Junior!

Back to School 2014

Today is Olivia’s first day of 1st Grade! I swear she grew in inches & maturity these past 2 months! She was so excited to be back and able to see all her friends.
This year I’m thankful that Daddy was able to be home for this special day, the past 5 years he was on the road. I loved seeing his look of pride when he dropped off his babies at school.
Last week, Gerald started his Junior year. He’s excited for what being 16 holds for him. He can finally get a job, get his driver’s permit and start preparing for graduation in 2 yrs. Time is flying!!
Happy first day as a Junior, Gerald and Happy first day Olivia! We are so proud of you both!!







Olivia’s Kindergarten Promotion

Wow! It finally happened!  I have all my kids in numeric grades now. Olivia had her kindergarten graduation today amongst her family and friends. Hubby and I were so proud of our little girl.
For two weeks she knew exactly what she wanted to wear and how to style her hair.
As room parents, we helped set up the cafeteria with decorations and each kinder class helped donate desserts & drinks. It was a wonderful celebration that we were able to share with her Granny, Auntie Gaye and Auntie Monica. Cousins Kayla and Caden were there too.
We’ll remember this school year with fond memories of Friday Fun Days with 8th grade buddies, the Oakland Zoo field trip, Tuesday volunteer days helping the kids hand paint and singing songs as they do their classwork.
Thank you to Mrs. Nunn for being a great and patient teacher this year!
Now it’s Cheers to Summer!!!!